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Welcome to Bayu Dive Lodge

Bayu Dive Lodge
PADI accredited dive school
SSI accredited dive school

Where we are

The Perhentian Islands lie about 7 miles off the North East coast of Malaysia. There are 2 Islands, creatively called the "Big Island" and the "Small Island". We are on the South side of the "Big Island" in the middle of the bay called "Teluk Dalam". But don't worry, if you ever ask for "Alu Alu divers" the locals will know where we are!


Perhentian is a perfect place to go in order to escape from the pressures of modern life. The Island is covered by rain forest and has no roads. Transport is exclusively by boat, or on foot if you are more adventurous. There is a small village, mainly inhabited by fisherman, to the West of the Island, and various types of resorts along the white sandy beaches.


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