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Bayu Dive Lodge
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Dive sites

There are more than 19 dive sites around Pulau Perhentian. Here, we list some of our favorites.



Flag 1: Tokong Laut (Temple of the Sea)

Maximum depth: 24m


Perhentian’s best dive site. Characterized by rocky pinnacle covered with soft and hard corals. The abundance of marine life coupled with fantastic visibility makes this dive site highly sought after. Only 25 minutes away from our beach by speedboat, you can expect to see bamboo sharks, nurse sharks, giant moral eels, big pufferfish, black tip reef sharks, lots and lots of trevallies, razorfish, angelfish, school of jacks, barracudas and big Jenkins whiprays A good chance to see large pelagics, especially whalesharks (Aug


Flag 2: Sugar Wreck

Maximum depth: 18m


Sugar Wreck is located in the open sea close to the mainland and marked by a large orange buoy. Sloping down from 5m to about 20m, strong current typifies this dive site. Although visibility can be challenging, the sheer number of fishes that can be found are more than compensating. Schooling yellowtail barracudas, stonefish, lionfish, giant pufferfish,tiny boxfish, nurse sharks, crabs, bamboo sharks are lovely finds.


Flag 3: Karang Selat (Secret Reef)

Maximum depth:29m


The secret has been revealed. A deeper dive sloping down to sandy bottom, this submerged reef' landscape is awashed with lush corals and high density of fishes You will see lionfish, lobster, puffer fish, nurse sharks and schooling jacks. Plus, a whole lot more.


Flag 6: Vietnamese Shipwreck

Maximum depth: 24m


Sunk in late 1970?s, this site is one of the must dives in Perhentian. Often a challenging dive due to the upswing currents, divers are rewarded with the sheer variety of marine life such as boxfish, devil scorpionfish, great barracudas, batfish, jacks, wrasses, giant groupers and stone fish. Easy to penetrate making this wreck a fantastic experience. Don’t forget to bring your underwater torch!


Flag 7: Tanjung Butung

Maximum depth:25m


Jumble of rocks descending to sand are a haven for critters and large fishes. Fantastic variety of fish life such as filefish, razorfish, groupers, trevallies, schooling barracudas and jacks. Whalesharks are sometimes spotted here


Flag 8: D’Lagoon

Maximum depth: 12m


A favorite playground of novice and open water students, this relaxing and easy to dive lagoon is home to blue spotted rays, giant stingrays and friendly humphead wrasses. Variety of hard corals and the occasional turtles added to the attraction


Flag 14: Tanjung Basi

Maximum depth:24m


Mysterious landscape of big boulders, caves and the sheer density of marine life makes this dive site great for naturalist or Fish ID course. Large groupers, humpback wrasses, barracudas, hawksbill turtles, giant sweetlips and batfish are often spotted.


Flag 15: Terumbu 3 (Tiger Rocks)

Maximum depth: 20m


T3 as loved to call it, is characterized by jumble of boulders and overhangs which provided divers with very nice swim-through tunnels. A favorite muck diving site, you can find plethora of nudibranchs. We discovered a colony of cleaner shrimps in one of the crevices. Just superb!

Schools of jacks, barracudas, mackerels are common sightings. Beware of the Titan triggerfish, where during spawning period – they can get very aggressive. Black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, hawksbill turtles, humphead parrot fish complete are frequent visitors.


Flag 19: Sharks Point

Maximum depth: 12m


Our own house reef, a mere 2 minutes away from our beach, lies an underrated dive site. Jumble of rocks support black corals, plentiful of clownfish housed in colorful sea anemones, pipefish, parrotfish, damselfish, hawksbill turtle and yes, true to its namesake, black tip reef sharks. Lots of macro sightings such as nudibranchs, demon stingers, shrimps, sea slugs and more.



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